We have a Vision to Cover the whole earth with the knowledge of the Glory of God until eyes see Jesus revealed. To show how that every human can now walk with the life and authority of God on earth as it is in Heaven. To make sure no man goes to hell because all authority is given us as a church to subject satan and hell to nihility. This can be achieved by preaching the Gospel which is the power of God unto salvation according to Romans 1:16. Our strategy to implementing this God given vision is to have a world-class Auditorium that has never been heard of in Benue state, Nigeria - and the entire nations of the earth. This way, men from every part of the world can comfortably sit and be transformed into God's plan. Having read our vision we can boldly declare that our vision is God's vision . And our mission is our strategy to achieving this vision. As the Bible rightly states in Ecclesiastes 9:16 that a poor man's wisdom is not known - Hence, by prosperity God's kingdom shall spread (Zachariah 1:17). It means that as faithful stewards, we give our resources to make sure God's vision is manifested and God's work does not suffer. This can be done in 4 ways:


Partnership is an arrangement where parties, known as partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. You become a partner by filling the partnership form and giving your specified amount to the church every month to enable her fulfill her vision. Our partnership system runs at the second and third Sunday of every month. It is a way of being a part of what God is set to do through us.


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Tithes: This is a system of Giving where a person gives one tenth of all their earnings to God through their local church. With the understanding that as the church grows, the reach and audience of the Word of God grows with it (Malachi 3:10). - Your Tithes are given to your local church: Your local church is where you've received Spiritual blessings and where God has worked through to restoring your life via His Word. It's not just your home church or the church were you grew up in. We Tithe because we understand God's Love for us and are able to love Him back. It is because of this love and His work that we do our part to ensure the Church is equipped with whatever resources she needs for growth and expansion. Hence, you are not limited to give only one tenth of your earnings. You can give more (see 2 Corinthians 9:17).


OFFERING: We do a daily or weekly collection of offerings (depending on when we meet). But members outside town or people outside town who we may have blessed can decide also to give their offerings by clicking on the tab below.



This is a Kingdom principle that has existed long before now. Your first fruit is the first earning you make from a new job or any first payments at all. Here, an individual decides to sow their first fruits in to God's work according to how they are led to sow in to the growth of the Church and reap the profits after (Ecclesiastes 11:1). GIVE FIRST FRUITS
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